our story

we are a proudly canadian company, with a deep respect for japanese culture.
our name, uki is a nod to the japanese concept of ukiyo, or 'floating world'. it means that even though everything around us changes, it is still beautiful. we believe in cherishing the small things, which is why we aim to bring luxury and ceremony into everyday life. after all, why not make the most of every moment?
we started uki with two things: a love for matcha, and a drive to bring good tea to good people. we'll let you know when we've achieved that second one, but until then we're not going anywhere. 🖤

about the owner

my name is nina, i'm the owner and founder of uki matcha. my love for all things matcha started when i moved to japan for a year, and started to adapt my palate to japanese flavours. i grew so fond of japanese food that when i made my way back to canada in 2018, i started my search for authentic japanese flavours in my hometown of toronto. matcha happens to be my favourite flavour on earth, but it also gives me the perfect balance, no matter how i'm feeling.

one of the most important things to me is spreading kindness. i truly believe that no matter what your ultimate goal is, it’s possible to reach it in a way that raises others up. that’s why uki to me, is about making people feel good about themselves, and passing on the ripple effect to others.